Hi… Welcome to Our Shoe Blog

My passion is to make nice comfortable shoes for you

please read the pages on the left and share any related topics on shoes and feet in this Blog

just add your comments here .

This blog is dedicated to all shoe lovers and also for those

who are really  in  need  for more information , please share this

site to your friends.

I will be updating with more shoe designs, more unique

crystals  which will make your feet look more sexy..

so make a date with us every week,,, cheers

thank you , for all your support 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Hi Charles,

    The picture is nicely cropped. Thanks! This website is great.

  2. thank you 🙂
    hope to hear more comments ,keep coming in 🙂

  3. Love your shoes dude ) , very trendy , sleek ,sexy for all working executives – thumbs up

    lovely for evening wear too)

    ladies will love them



  4. hi charles…
    was browsing for shoe stores in spore that makes custom-made women’s shoes & stumbled upon ur blog.
    me nvr been to ur store @ lucky plaza b4..gotta go dere n check it out yea 🙂

    nway, i hv been searching & searching for shops that caters to small feet like my mum & myself. do u make shoes of small sizes like size 3 or 4? coz itz realli realli hard to find stores that hv shoes that fits well for small feet like mine (and my mum’s) which r presentable yet comfortable–>we haf ‘cinderella feet’ hehe.

    hv tried goin to plcs like swank, sashay ,giovanna…bt given my feet size, will mostly end up with limited designs and nt the design i’m looking for (like wedges, ‘peeping-toe’ kind etc etc…)

    bottom line is, i’m jz some1 who is looking for a plc that can help me find shoes that i can fit comfortably given my small feet size and shoes that are presentable enuf that i cld wear to go to work or even other events & occassions without looking like i borrowed them (coz they are big n won’t fit properly)…

    hope 2 hear frm u soon :]

    best rgds,
    salmi suhana

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