What to do when your shoes are wet !

Most shoes will be damage in water, whether it is made from suede or leather material, They will get soaked and soon rumpled. But no need to worries, these are some tips from Gosh comfort so that your shoes can survive from going out of shape and damaging it.

Of course you cannot avoid the wet street if you should walk in the raining weather, soon get some safe action so that your shoes can last longer.

1. Take off the shoe insole (the inside part of the shoe base)

2. Put the shoes upside down with the above 45% degree position for at least 30 minutes

drain out the water

3 Wipe the shoes with a clean cotton cloth, this will absorb a lot of water

4. Fill the shoes with plain paper ball to absorb the water for 20 mins, remember, newspaper can make your shoes dirty with is faded ink, so just use the plain paper .

5 Just dry it with a fan until it is totally dry.

6 Put some leather oil to maintain the shoes and now you can wear your shoes again 🙂



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