Essential Points


. Do not wear nylon socks or plastic sports shoes if you are prone to fungal infection of the feet (Hong Kong foot). Wear sandals or leather shoes.


Oily secretions of the skin decrease, leading to dry skin and itchiness. Improper skin care such as scratching or using hot water for stimulation only makes it worse. If the skin becomes broken, there may be infection or inflammation.

Dry Skin

To manage the itchiness due to dry skin, the most important is to apply moisturizing cream frequently, especially after bathing when the skin is still moist. Bathing oil can also be used but you must be careful about slipping.

Warning Signs

If itchiness persists despite the above measures, or if the skin appears abnormal, consult a doctor for advice e.g. sudden changes of a mole, a wound that does not heal up, abnormal growths, severe itching and peeling of skin, severe pain etc. and hence should not be ignored.


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