Solving problem feet

For those who really need help on foot problems,,, do visit  Ortho care, David foong ,clinical pedorthist

specialize in foot screening, biomechanical assessment, walking/running analysis, long & short leg problems and custom-made orthotic, call 9424 7597 by appt

Blk 102, Towner Road #01-258, Singapore 322102, next to Boon Keng MRT



4 Responses

  1. Hi , i would like to check if you all does custom made shoes for women who has foot problems. My mother has swollen foot due to some veins problems making her foot size to around size 43. i am just wondering if you all do custom made comfort shoes?

    • Yes I do
      By measuring the feet and looking at the shape I will design and make a comfortable shoes please make appt hp no 90224505
      Cheers Charles

  2. hi i have constant pressure in my toes and doc advised to go for large width shoes due to soft corn. can shoes be custom made for me.

    • Hi
      i need to have a look at your feet before i can advice you
      please make appt with me thanks
      cheers charles

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