What shoes to bring for traveling

Make sure your shoes are well “broken in” before you leave for your trip. You do not want to start off your trip by developing blisters all over your feet

Keep your feet happy by wearing comfortable, practical, and durable shoes. Beyond comfort, having shoes that can be worn in many scenarios is also important. For this reason, I generally do not suggest people bring tennis shoes/trainers for their main pair of travel footwear, especially if you are only bringing one pair of shoes with you.

Why? Well, if the need arises for you to be “dressed up,” tennis shoes/trainers just do not cut it. Many restaurants/clubs have dress codes that specifically do not allow tennis shoes/trainers or sandals/flip-flops. Also, if you plan to do any hiking or adventure walking, a low-profile hiking boot or sport sandal will serve you better

Plan your shoe choices…wisely  before your trip .



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